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Senin , 31 Agustus 2015
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Jual Wacom Intuos 4 PTK-1240 dan siap hantar dalam 5 jam!

Graphic Tablet  
Wacom : Intuos 4 PTK-1240  
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Direktori: Computer - CAD - Graphic Tablet lihat
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  Informasi Detail Produk
  Wacom : Intuos 4 PTK-1240
Konfigurasi Singkat
Tablet size: 623 x 462 x 28 mm (LxWxH)) Active area: 487.7 x 304.8 mm Resolution: 5080 lpi Accuracy: +/-0.25 mm Report rate: 200 pps Pressure sensitivity: 2,048 levels Interface: USB Garansi: 1 thn Resmi
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Discover the tool used by professionals to turn their ideas into reality. With a new design and features inspired by your feedback, Intuos4 represents the finest pen tablet experience ever created by Wacom. Find out why millions of creative professionals trust us with their ideas.


The Intuos4 Wireless pen tablet with Bluetooth® wireless technology lets you relax in youyr favorite working position or move about freely up to 10 meters from your computer. Enjoy the freedom of working "unattached" from your Mac or PC.

Relax   Lithium Ion Battery   Bluetooth® Wireless



Put the tablet on your lap and create while in a relaxing position, with no cord clutter.   The lithium ion battery conveniently charges via USB. On average* , the battery can retain 12 hours of life on a 6 hour charge.

*individual results may vary

  The reliable Bluetooth® connectivity allows for multiple simultaneous connections up to 10 meters away.


3-in-1 Pen Stand   5-button Mouse   Classic Pen   Airbrush Pen   Art Pen   Inking Pen   Pro Accessory Kit
Lay your pen down. Stand it straight up. Never lose your nibs again. (Includes 10 nibs).   5-button tablet mouse has enhanced orientation and an ergonomic design.   Same features as the Grip Pen, but with a slimmer profile.   Has the feel of a real airbrush, including a fingerwheel to control ink flow.   Emulates brushes, markers and calligraphic pens and accurately tracks pen rotation.   Smaller in diameter than the Grip Pen, this pen can write or draw with ink on paper.   Contains 2 no-hole grips, a standart nib, a strokoe nib, 5 hard felt nibs, 5 flex nibs, a nib extractor tool and a spare side switch.


The best just got significantly better . Intuos 4 is a revolutionary pen tablet that builds on the standart set by its predecessor to deliver new features and unparalleled performance to photographers, designers and artist seeking optimal control and improved productivity. Here is just a sample of the creative categories that will benefit from the Intuos 4 experience.

Photography (© Zhang Jingna) industrial design (© Michal Jelinek) manga / comics (© VOFAN)
graphic design (© Rodrigo Unda) illustration (© Hong Kuang) CG animation (© Cutting Edge)


You spoke and we listened. The new design and features of Intuos4 were all inspired by suggestions and comments form our professional community. The result is a pen tablet with truly natural feel, unparalleled performance , superb comfort , and packed with features specifically designed to improve workflow. Intuos 4 is the premier pen tablet experience.


Intuos 4 uses newly developed pen sensor technology that represents a significant improvement in feel and performance , plus double the presurre sensitivity. You will feel the difference with every stroke.


The user-defined Touch Ring with toggle functionality provides intuitive control of scrolling , zooming , brush size , canvas rotation or layer selection.


Intuos 4 M , L and XL feature ExpressKey Displays for quick visual referenve of your shortcut settings.


Ergonomic design , new radial menus , precision mode , display toggle , and the aforementioned ExpressKey Displays were all designed to help you work faster , better , and happier.


Natural Feel

New second generation Wacom Tip Sensor precisely simulates the feel of your favourite writing instrument.

Ambidextrous Use

Reversible tablet design puts ExpressKeys in the correct position for right-handed or left-handed users.

Pressure Sensitivity

With 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, you will experience greater control and high quality results.

Ergonomic Design

Sloping palm rest and complete hand support on the tablet guarantees hours of comfortable use.

Precision Mode

New precision mode setting allows for easier fine tuning and modifications at the pixel level.

Software Integration

Best-in-class integration with leading software applications by Adobe® , Autodesk® and Corel® for realistic , intuitive pen control.

New Tip Sensor Technology

No other tablet currently on the market offers the same level of sophistication that the Intuos4 pen provides. Our new Tip Sensor technology allows you to adjust the activation level to as low as 1 gram compared with 10 grams for Intuos3 (3 grams is our default setting). This means that you can draw and paint with a natural, light touch. And, 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity combined with a new more natural pressure curve (also adjustable) means that drawing on your tablet is closer to drawing on paper than ever before. Intuos3, Bamboo series, Graphire series...nothing compares to the new Intuos4. Feeling is believing.

ExpressKey Displays

On Intuos4 Medium, Large and X-Large. Never forget your ExpressKey settings again. Our new OLED ExpressKey Displays provide instant visual confirmation of your functions. The ExpressKey Displays will immediately update when you switch between your favorite applications. If you prefer to keep your eyes on your screen, press the ExpressKey set to Help and all of your settings, including your four Touch Ring functions, will appear full screen in front of you.

Ambidextrous Design

Just rotate the tablet 180 degrees, and change the orientation in the Control Panel to switch between right-handed and left-handed use (default orientation is set when you first install from the driver CD). With our new design, all of the ExpressKeys are available to your non-dominent hand. There is no need to reach across the tablet for your shortcuts and you can work without fear of accidently activating keys with your pen hand.

Radial Menus

We are proud of the pop-up menus that you used with your Intuos3 tablet. But with the new Intuos4 radial menus, your email, favorite websites and commonly used commands/shortcuts are at the tip of your pen. The radial menus are fully customizable and it's a breeze to create sub-menus. The radial menus will save you time and energy.

Precision Mode

New to Intuos4 is Precision Mode. Do you need to create intricate details at the pixel level? Activate Precision Mode and the full active area of your tablet maps to a portion of your screen. With Precision Mode, you can use larger strokes that translates into a smaller part of your canvas. Create finer detailed work than ever before.

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