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Selasa , 30 Agustus 2016
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Jual AcousticEnergy Aego M (2.1 Speaker System) dan siap hantar dalam 5 jam!

Paket Speaker Home Theater  
AcousticEnergy : Aego M (2.1 Speaker System)  
No Item : AVI-HTH0239   
Direktori: Audio Video - Home Theater - Speaker System - Paket Speaker Home Theater lihat
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  AcousticEnergy : Aego M (2.1 Speaker System)
Konfigurasi Singkat
Center Speaker: - Front Speaker: Aego M Satellites Surround Speaker: - Subwoofer: Aego M Subwoofer Special Feature 1: Big hi-fi sound from the smallest devices Special Feature 2: Anti-resonant cone driver Special Feature 3: Supporting 3 satellite speakers Garansi: 1 thn Resmi
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Acoustic Energy Aego M

Home entertainment has undergone something of a style revolution over the last few years, and Acoustic Energy's AEGO Series is right up there with the best of them.
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Hi-fidelity, high volume sound
  • Instant home entertainment
  • Big hi-fi sound from the smallest devices
  • Outstanding value for money

The Aego M active stereo Sub/Sat system was originally designed as an alternative to conventional “boxy” hi-fi loudspeakers, its purpose being to recreate true hi-fi sound in a more convenient, compact and elegant form.

In recent years the way we listen to music has been changing, making the Aego M an even more astounding product now! Simply plug in your music source of choice, be it an iPodTM, PSPTM, PC or even MP3 compatible mobile phone and crank the volume for breathtaking full-scale sound in any room of the house.

Aego M loudspeakers with phone

Give your iPod an Aego!

Personal audio doesn’t have to be just personal anymore. The Aego"M" music system brings large-scale high fidelity sound to MP3 players, PC's, Macs, Phones and even hand held game devices with complete plug & play simplicity.

With just one cable the Aego M turns any personal music device into the heart of a home entertainment system. In the living room, the bedroom, away at college or simply for a spontaneous party - the Aego M delivers a big sound from a tiny package

Looks great, works superbly

Connects your stereo personal music device using a choice of standard analogue red/white RCA connections, headphone minijack, or digital optical or coaxial connections.

Real power and good integration make the Aego M one of the best-sounding speaker systems in its class.Sound big, and goes (very) loud. It’s not all about brash, in your face, tunes, though – the M-System delivers delicate music with detail and finesse.

Acoustic Energy Aego M Compact Speaker System

Equally at home in the office, dormroom, or city apartment, the Aego M delivers a big sound without taking up much space or requiring additional electronics.

With just one cable (included), the Aego-M System turns an iPod or any personal music device into a home entertainment system that can satisfy even critical listeners. Or use them with your stereo-link USB DAC to play music files or streaming programs from your PC.

Compatible and Adaptable!

side by side

How do they sound? Place the Aego M next to a conventional size bookshelf speaker (shown here next to the AE Aegis Evo 1, a ralatively compact speaker yet 25 times larger than the Aego M), and your friends will think you are tricking them. They won't believe such full sound is coming from the tiny Aego's, and will inevitably put their ear against the larger speaker in disbelief. Not only do the Aegos sound bigger and louder than you expect, they are also surprisingly accurate. The Aego is an admirably low-noise system that doesn't induce a trace of listener fatigue.

Special Designed With Anti-Resonant Cone

With the Aego M you get natural, room filling sound that rivals that of much more expensive systems. Unlike more conventional 2.1 (2 satellites and 1 subwoofer) multi-media speakers, the Aego M is built around a patented, advanced driver and amplifier technology. The high excursion drivers are housed in heavy-alloy diecast enclosures to ensure the cleanest sound possible from such small speakers (just 4.5" tall and 2.5" wide) , while the custom amplifier provides just the right amount of compensation. The subwoofer houses the 90W amplifier that provides the power to play both amazingly loud. The amplifier also supports a center channel speaker (sold separately) for video applications.

The sound they produce is full, crisp and clear. Whether it was vocal heavy, guiter filled or big beat the Aego Ms deal with it accurately and musically. The defining characteristic of the sound is that you can locate instruments in the sound stage easily.

Why does the Aego M have CENTER Inputs and Outputs?

The Aego M is capable of supporting 3 satellite speakers. The majority of people use their Aegos for stereo music, so it comes with just two satellites. However you might want to use the Aego to improve the sound from your flat panel television. Adding speakers at opposite ends of a wide screen television can often make the stereo image sound artificial, and the dialog diffuse to anyone not sitting exactly in the middle. Adding a center channel can fix that problem, and is why home theatre systems have a Center channel. The Aego M allows you to add that channel without the need for a full surround system. You will need to purchase a single accessory satellite to connect to the CENTER output of the amplifier. For most applications, that is all you need to do, as the Aego M's amplifier automatically derives a Center signal from the left and right inputs. (See the photo of the rear panel of the subwoofre above). If you do have a separate center channel signal, then you can use that by connecting it to the CENTER input.The CENTER INPUT swith on the back panel works as follows: when set to NO the CENTER Output is derived from the Left and Right Inputs. When set to the YES position, the CENTER output is the signal connected to the CENTER input. In normal stereo operation, the position does not matter.

About Acoustic Energy

Acoustic Energy, one of the UK's most respected speaker manufacturers, brought their first speaker to market in the late 1980's. That product, the AE1,was a truly compact monitor designed to satisfy the needs of professional recording engineers. Featuring their patented spun metal cone technology, the AE1 offered great accuracy, precise stereo imaging, dynamics, and transparency coupled with high power handling and linearity. Due to these product benefits, the AE1 acquired a global reputation as a great sounding "nearfield" monitor. And it also developed a following in high-end audio, the September 1988 Stereophile review stating: "I have to say that the AE1 is one of the finest, most transparent cone speakers I have heard". Over the years, the company has continued its focus on designs that outperform competitive speakers of similar size. In 2001 they introduced the Aego 2, one of the first serious speakers for computer use.

The Aego M is a lower cost successor of the Aego 2, and designed with both iPod and computer users in mind. It's THE solution for anyone wanting to upgrade their computer speakers, or hear the best from their iPod or mp3 player. And they are fully compatible with stereo-link DACs. Use them with your stereo-link as local speakers while simultaneous driving your home stereo system in another room.



Satellite Speakers A patented advanced technology driver featuring a unique heat transfer system: special high excursion suspension and a computer-designed anti-resonant cone
Inputs 3 x RCA Phono - Line level, 1 x Stereo Mini jack - Line level
Outputs 3 x Speaker terminals
Controls 1 x Volume / Power pot, 1 x Bass switch (3 Position), 1 x Centre input switch (2 Position)
Power ratings 120V Model - 120V @ 60Hz; 80VA, 240V Model - 240V @ 50Hz; 80VA, 90 Watts RMS total system power rating
Frequency response Sub is 50Hz-250Hz and the satellites are 250Hz-16KHz
Dimensions Sub Woofer - 265 x 190 x 350mm, Satellites - 68mm x 103mm x 90mm
Accessories 2 x 5 m Speaker cables, 1 x 2 m Signal input cable, 1 x Speaker level to line level adaptor cable*
Finishes Black sub woofer - Textured black satellites with black grilles, White sub woofer - Textured white satellites with black grilles
Weight 7.5Kg

*) Specification may vary on different country

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Isi Paket

  • 1 Subwoofer

  • 2 Sattelites Speaker

  • 3.5 mm stereo mini phone jack to stereo-RCA

  • 1 x Speaker level to line level adaptor cable

  • 2 x Speaker leads for each satellite



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