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Rabu , 26 Oktober 2016
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TV 30-39  
Toshiba : Regza 32P2300
No Item : GS2013060503   
Direktori: Television - Televisi Sedang - TV 30-39 lihat

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  Informasi Detail Produk
  Toshiba : Regza 32P2300
Konfigurasi Singkat
Screen Type & Size: LED TV 32 inch Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels Contrast Ratio: 12.000 : 1 View Angle (V/H): 176º 3D Feature: No Special Feature 1: Active Motion Rate Special Feature 2: New Design Identity Input HDMI/ PC In/ USB: HDMI 2/PC in/ USB Remote Control: Yes Garansi: 1 thn Resmi
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Be immersed in true action like never before with P2300 featuring Football Mode which greatly
enhances field sports scenes. Coupled with Toshiba's proprietary technologies such as Auto Signal
Booster, Auto Clean and Contrast Booster, P2300 is especially created for you to capture more action
details from your favourite matches. The slim silver sound bar packed with 20W Audio Output and
Power Bass Booster is sure to turn on the excitement to a higher level.


REGZA ENGINE - REGZA Engine is the advanced video processing circuit developed by Toshiba.
This advanced video processing technology reproduces high resolution images by using complex
calculations to enhance the received signals to the highest video quality.


FOOTBALL MODE - Fast motions, wide angle shots and panning scenes are common in football
videos, causing loss of depths and details. With Toshiba Football mode, contours of objects such
as the football and grass field are greatly enhanced with better details. In addition, MPEG noise is
reduced, hence moving images can be reproduced smoothly.

10-BIT VIDEO PROCESSING - 10-bit video processing maintains the 10-bit quality of input data during
video processing by producing over 1 billion colours, or more than 64 times as many colours as
conventional 8-bit processors. This results in a more realistic picture with a more accurate colour
intensity and smoother colour transition of the original source.

ACTIVE MOTION RATE - Toshiba's Active Motion Rate (AMR) is the new standard of image quality.
This image-processing technology reduces motion blur and keeps up with fast-moving sports and action
sequences. AMR is determined by three factors - mainly TV panel refresh rate, video processing speed,
and backlight technology.

CONTRAST BOOSTER - When adjusting the contrast of the picture, the original colour of the picture
is affected together with the adjustment. These contrast adjustments can result in the picture colour
being too dark or too bright. With the new Contrast Booster, a complex luminance and chrominance
adjustment process selects the optimal colour on the picture contrast without affecting the original
colour settings.

AUTO CLEAN & AUTO SIGNAL BOOSTER - Broadcast signals can be weak or the image can be
distorted by noise in the signal. Toshiba delivers a twin solution with Auto Signal Booster, that captures
and amplifies poor signals, and Auto Clean that analyses the signal and eliminates noise. Separately
and together, they improve signal quality and enhance image clarity.

AUTOVIEW - is Toshiba's advanced solution for achieving the best possible picture quality at all times.
It monitors room brightness and automatically adjusts the backlight and various picture parameters
accordingly. It also continually analyses the image (light and dark pixels), adjusting to maintain
optimum contrast.


20W AUDIO OUTPUT - Any great TV should sound as good as it looks. Whether it's the two smartly
hidden built-in speakers or the dedicated sound bar that houses 20W high power speakers, the stylish
speaker profile completes the aesthetics to complement the narrow bezel design.

POWER BASS BOOSTER - With the new Power Bass Booster, harmonics are generated at different
frequency intervals. As a result, the depth of the frequency is increased and clarity of the bass sound
is strengthened.

AUDIO DISTORTION CONTROL - Audio Distortion Control minimises sound distortion during high
volume. Unlike conventional method of lowering the sound pressure, Audio Distortion Control is able
to suppress the distortion of individual frequencies without lowering the overall sound pressure.
Therefore, the audio quality can be optimised.

SPECTRUM ANALYSER - Audio is no longer for listening only. With Spectrum Analyser, you can also
see how the audio is reproduced in different frequencies and amplitude level. The graphic display gives
you additional sense to visualise your audio experience.


USB MOVIE - More is better! The USB Movie feature supports 28 video playback formats** via flash
drives and external HDDs. Enjoy total movie indulgence with enhanced playback compatibility* on most
of the popular video formats commonly available in the market. Simply plug and playback video, audio
and picture files directly from your flash drive or external HDD for greater connectivity and file sharing
* Subject to hardware and software specifications.
** Combination of media formats in various video codec. Please refer to Owner's Manual for more details.

PC INPUT - With PC input, your TV doubles up as a monitor for your computer. Viewing of PC contents
or video playback on larger screen display is a breeze.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) - Toshiba TVs are equipped with an HDMI terminal to
facilitate uncompressed, all-digital video and audio connections, which supports high definition video
signals and multi-channel audio signals. With HDMI, you can enjoy an ideal full-digital AV reproduction
that delivers noise-free and highly precise image quality.


NEW DESIGN IDENTITY - With the new corporate design identity, Toshiba design team has skillfully
created series of beautifully designed and functional pieces using "Be Connected" ring and "U- shape"
motif, that is not only functional, but also, accentuate your living space.

NARROW BEZEL - The striking design of the new range stylishly complements the quality of the
images and sounds. The new Toshiba range such as P1300 and P2300 series spot a narrow bezel of
15mm width. Any of these models easily blends into and even becomes the centre piece of most
interior décor and furnishing.
MODEL Specifications :
MODEL 32P2300
Product Type LED TV (DIRECT)
Screen Type 32
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio 12,000
Brightness (cd/m2) 300
Resolution (HxV) 1366 x 768
Viewing Angle (Degress) 176
Panel Response Speed (ms) TBD
Video processing 10 BIT
Active Processing AMR 100Hz
Auto Signal Booster O
Autoclean O
Contrast Booster O
3D Colour Management O
Comb Filter 3D Y/C (PAL &NTSC)
Intelligent Backlight Control O
Mpeg Noise Reduction O
Real Digital Picture O
Picture Mode O
Picture Mode Auto View/ Dynamic/ Standard/ Mild/ Movie/ Eco/ Game/ PC/ Football
Spectrum Analyser O
Power Bass Booster O
Audio Distortion Control O
Stereo System NICAM B/G,I, D/K, &German Stereo B/G, D/K
Speaker Size (4.0 x 12cm) x 2
Speaker Output 10W X 2
Playback Format Movie (28 Video Format)/ Music/ Photo
External Hard Disk****** O
Auto View O
Ambient Light Sensor O
ECO Auto Power Down O
Sleep Timer O
Teletext O
Multilingual OSD English / French / Russian / Simplified Chinese / Thai / Malay / Vietnamese / Arabic / Persian / Indonesia
Hotel Mode** O
Input Antenna (Analogue) 1
Input EXT 1 Composite Video + Component + RCA Audio
Input EXT 2 Composite Video + RCA Audio (Side)
Input EXT 3 HDMI 1
Input EXT 4 HDMI 2 (side)
Input PC D-Sub 15 Pin (3.5mm Mini Jack common with HDMI 1 Audio)
Input Digital USB x 1 (Side)
Output Audio Fixed RCA Audio
Receiving System PAL I, BG, DK & SECAM BG, DK & NTSC M, BG 4.43
Colour System PAL (50/60Hz) & SECAM & NTSC 3.58, 4.43
Video Signal 480i/480p (60Hz), 576i/576p (50Hz), 720p, 1080i, 1080p (50/60Hz) through HDMI
Automatic Voltage Regulator 110-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (W) 55
Standby (W) 0.4
Dimension wo/st (WxHxD)mm (Slimmest area) 734 x 479 x 65(50)
Dimension w/st (WxH D)mm 734 x 543 x 180
Weight wo/st (Net)kg 4.4
Weight w/st (Net)kg 5.0
* These signal formats are converted to match the number of pixels of the panel. Small text may not be displayed properly.
** Hotel Mode is designed for use in hotels only.
****** Combination of 28 video formats in the following media formats (AVI, PS, TS, VOB, MOV, MP4, ASF/WMV, DivX, MKV, RMVB, FLV, 3GPP, M-JPEG) in various video codec. Please refer to Owner’s Manual for more details.
******* Connectivity is not guaranteed for all devices. Please refer to Owner’s Manual for more details. Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice Toshiba LED TVs are LCD TV with LED Backlight.
Spesifikasi teknis diatas mengikuti informasi dari pabrik dimana bisa berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan. Untuk menghindari salah pemahaman, jika ada istilah tehnis yang kurang dimengerti silahkan hubungi kami.
Isi Paket

  • Main unit

  • Remote control

  • User manual

  • Kartu Garansi



  • Isi paket sesuai standard penjualan tanpa ada penambahan atau pengurangan aksesoris.
  • Isi paket yg tidak disebutkan diatas adalah optional (harus dibeli terpisah).
  • Paket promosi tambahan berupa bonus bisa sewaktu-waktu habis tanpa pemberitahuan.
  • Beberapa komponen/paket kecil sengaja tidak disebutkan misalnya seperti sekrup, baut, klem, kabel ground, dll.
Garansi Produk
Garansi 1 thn Resmi


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Berat Pengiriman
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